Why Do Students Turn to Online Writing Services to Do Their Essay Assignments?


Education has never been easy, especially higher education. Being a student today means facing hundreds of challenges, including constantly increasing tuition fees, the need to work part-time, and dealing with the crisis of the educational system itself. The truth is – numerous surveys report that over 80% of college students have at least once used a paid writing service, while 50% and more have become their regular customers. Moreover, the popularity of custom essay writing services has never been higher than in a recent couple of years. 

Let’s dig deeper into the reasons behind the increasing demand for custom essay writing, as well as review its ethical and practical aspects.  

Why Do Students Buy Essays Online?

There is no single explanation of why students do that. Rather, we are dealing with a whole range of factors. 

  • For some, writing is hard. Many young people have talents in science and math, while writing is simply not their strong side. It is important to see and acknowledge your potential early in life and to start emphasizing and training in what you are really good at while minimizing your weaknesses. 
  • Many students have busy lives. Not just, too much studying and some work, but really tight and busy schedules from early morning till late evening. Some work part-time to support their studies and families. Others lead active social lives by participating in extracurricular and volunteer activities. This category of students simply does not have enough free time to write all the academic papers.
  • The educational system itself is pushing students to seek help with boring take-home tasks, such as essays. Instead of providing interesting and interactive study methods and tools, the educational system continues to emphasize individual writing tasks, just as it did a decade and even a century ago.
  • Buying a custom academic paper has never been easier. Today, writing services are literally at everyone’s fingertips, freely and easily accessible online. They are affordable and are predominantly safe to use

Mind a Few Precautions

Buying a custom paper online has certain pitfalls. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Ethical Aspect. Is it ethical to buy a bespoke paper online? At first glance, it may seem like a controversial thing to do. Indeed, paying someone to do your work is often considered to be cheating in the academic world. Your professor or even classmates won’t appreciate you scoring higher on a time-consuming take-home task, knowing you did not write a single word. 

On the other hand, is your college aware of your health or social, economic (such as the need to work late hours) and family problems? Does your professor care if you are overloaded with other writing tasks?

Self-Development. Writing assignments are meant to develop our writing skills, which most of us will need later in life. By outsourcing your writing tasks to someone else, you essentially avoid training your writing skills. At the same time, many popular writing services offer writing coaching sessions. You can also learn from the best professional writers by analyzing their writing and making notes for yourself.

Plagiarism. When you write a paper yourself, you can be sure it is unique. However, if you buy a paper online – what is a guarantee that it is 100% original and free from plagiarism? Some professional writing services include plagiarism reports with their completed orders. If the service you hire does not provide such a report, you should run your own plagiarism checks using some of the most popular online tools, such as Duplichecker, Copyleaks, Turnitin, etc.   

Where to Find a Trustworthy Writing Help for Free?

You may say, “It’s too complicated for me and I don’t want to spend money on this. Where can I find inspiration and resources to help me with my college essay?” There are several options here, and it’s up to you to decide if this is what you want (or have time for):

  • Social media offers endless opportunities to develop your writing skills. You can follow writing experts, bloggers, and professional writing communities to learn from the best;
  • Many colleges and universities publish their internal libraries for public use. There one can find thousands of thematic materials as well as samples of academic writing;
  • The Internet is rich in specialized forums dedicated to writing and writing skills. Join those and start communicating with like-minded persons; 
  • Read popular and decorated newspapers and magazines online. They hire some of the most gifted journalists who publish their articles and stories, which is an endless source of ideas and inspiration;
  • Reddit and other popular platforms are a wonderful place to follow thematic threads and read other peoples’ blog posts on the art of writing.  

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writing Service

If, for any reason, the above-mentioned self-learning pass is not for you, then consider hiring a professional writing service and the benefits it brings. Let’s take an example of a well-known and popular resource – BuzzEssay.com:

  • Security of personal information. At BuzzEssay.com clients’ security and anonymity is a top priority. The reputation of the whole service is at stake if a single breach of confidentiality or anonymity ever happens.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Professional writing services, such as BuzzEssay.com, provide a guarantee of high-quality work and a full money-back in case a customer is not happy in the end.
  • Plagiarism-free papers. All bespoke papers get checked for plagiarism before even a draft version is sent to the customer.
  • Professional writers. BuzzEssay.com hires some of the most experienced and top-rated writers. They all undergo a thorough selection process at the hiring stage and get regularly assessed and rated in the course of their work for the company.
  • Affordable prices. Custom writing for students should not be expensive. This philosophy is applied at all stages of interaction with a client: first-come clients get some good discounts, they can call a free customer support service available 24/7 and have their issue solved, the pricing policy is flexible enough to accommodate various needs, etc.    

How to Get a Perfect Essay with BuzzEssay.com?

If you want to get a maximum return on your money, hiring a professional service is essentially a collaboration between them and you. This is what you can do to maximize your user experience and benefits:

  • Estimate your time. Sure, professional writers can work fast (in the case of BuzzEssay.com as fast as 4 hours for a few pages of a simple essay assignment), however, if you do not make the effort to approach them in due time, a larger work than an essay can be failed.
  • Take an active part from the start. Do not just free ride on them; instead, ensure you provide as many and accurate details about your assignment as possible for a good quality paper. Then select a writer yourself based on rating and specialization.
  • Stay sharp. Services like BuzzEssay.com ask customers to provide their current contact details to be able to reach them during an order execution (if a writer has questions or immediate feedback) or right after. You should be ready to review the first draft of your bespoke paper as soon as it is available.
  • Follow-up and learn. A good quality paper is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best. You can analyze your paper, take notes, and even contact the writer for additional input or comments. Following up is just as important as the initial input! 


Despite the absence of a common opinion on the custom writing services, their ethical and legal aspects, the latter continue to strive and provide help to students worldwide. This is a pure marketing force in action: an apparent need is satisfied with a proposition. Students benefit from getting writing help online and compensate for the lack of free time, writing talent, inspiration, and, of course, the inability of the current education system to change and adopt the advantages of the new information technologies.     

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