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How do you use your phone or tablet? Most people use it everyday with the purpose of communication and to organize their tasks and scheduling. But today, the reality is that your gadget is able to solve problems even more important. Imagine the 10 ways to improve your classroom productivity or enhance study skills!

Here is the list of mobile applications that help students to cope with their daily academic tasks.

Make yourself extremely “appy!”

1.Videoalicious (Free)

Unlike iMovie and many other video creation capabilities providers, this app is free! You can easily create a movie using videos, music, photos, and much more. Another free video app is Animoto!

Tired of ancient Power Point? – Try this!
Download hereApp Store

2.EasyBib (Free)

This is a free bibliography generator. And it allows users to produce APA, MLA and other citation styles while scanning books bar codes.

EasyBib resources can be, managed, built and exported for use.
Download here: App Store | Google Play

3.Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)

Now the “knowledge” from numerous disciplines such as chemistry or math is included here, in this app. If you have any problem relatively to those fields, you can insert it to the Wolfram Alpha and get an answer with the consecutive moves for calculation. It is great to use to check your work done. The website is free:

Download here: App Store | Google Play

4.FlipBoard (Free)

From now, collecting news and articles as well as reading materials in a personalized magazine-style format causes no more problems, because FlipBoard provides good platform for students to implement that. It also conjoins Pinterest-like with Facebook-style connection in one platform. Together with school studying it could be used for fun or current events.

Download here: App Store | Google Play

5.Dragon Dictation (Free)

The best app to transcribe notes, papers, thoughts, etc. Uses voice recognition.

Download here: App Store

6.Quizlet (Free)

Using this multimedia app, you are able to study, sharing flashcards for all subjects.

Download here: App Store | Google Play (Free)

Beyond some traditional dictionary synonyms or definitions, this application includes a lot of other helpful tools. Its voice recognition provides the ways to search for words. That is why the app doesn’t require spelling skills. More over, some unknown words can be decrypted with the audio icon.

Download here: App Store | Google Play

8.DropBox (Free)

DropBox – it is your store for photos, videos, and documents. And it is completely free! To work jointly on documents through the sharing functions, students are able to access this app from any gadget.

Download here: App Store | Google Play

9.EverNote (Free)

Taking and organizing voice recorded or handwritten notes on multiple devices with the help of synchronizing facilities has never been so easy, with the EverNote.

Download here: App Store | Google Play

10.Google Hangout (Free)

The well-known application which allows holding live video conferencing with up to 10 participants at a time. You can also cooperate with a members circle at school or with your relatives back home.

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