Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers

Many people will start off their day thinking about some of the most famous quotes known to the world. It helps them stay focused on their goals as they think about these great people who’ve helped shape the world. The importance of listening to and reading inspirational quotes can’t be denied. Now, you’re given the chance to gain from the experience and wisdom of the most popular writers in the world.

Have you heard of such names as Rudyard KiplingLeo Tolstoy or Donald Miller? Maybe you are eager to learn more about them. It’s the right time to do so! Get inspiration from the witty sayings, observations and quotes of these world-renowned people!

Whether you are planning to dedicate your life to writing or arts or any other field, the exciting stories written by great people many years ago or recently are sure to uplift your spirit. You won’t regret spending a bit of your time reading these pearls of wisdom. Aside from reading wonderful pieces of work, you are also given the chance to learn how the skills of these writers grew as they gained wisdom and experience, what important decisions they made during their life, what their viewpoint is about themselves and other people and a lot of other fascinating things.

Read these quotes from 15 famous writers, including Robert McKee, Mary Higgins Clark, Lewis Carroll, Brandon Sanderson, Philip Pullman and others who aren’t less wise and famed. Be wiser and stronger. Get the best form of motivation to live your life to fullest!

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