The Most Awkward Logo Names

The ultimate wish of every logo designer is to create a high-quality symbol that would meet three cornerstone requirements: simplicity, memorability, and clear definition of the band concept. If the designer violates the first two rules, then the logo loses its attractiveness and potential profitability, but if he fails with the third one, the outcomes may be funny as hell.

The “ambiguous” logos below were created either by the designers of immaculate mind or by those who have a great sense of humor. Most of them cause associations far from the desired effect.


The logo of US clothing store for modern and independent women is far from just a cat. Well, women who buy the products of this brand are bold enough. Being a “catwoman,” do not forget to cover the rear! That’s the first thing comes to mind when looking at the cat above.


Do you locum? Yes, I do.
The logo of a Swedish property management company suddenly turned into a demonstration of sexual preferences.

Kudawara Pharmacy

Are you sure the name of the Japanese pharmacies network begins with a”K” letter, not with the two persons making love? However, it looks pretty funny.

World Combat Sambo Federation

Round one – fight! Or Round one – love?!
Do you love sambo as much as these two persons in and blue bodysuits? Of course, sambo is a contact sport, but why to show that in way too close to “69”?


A-style is an Italian clothing brand exists since 2003. A-style is OK for all those who know nothing about doggie-style. For all others, it has an obvious sexual context.

However, the designers’ choice can be justified by the next facts:

  • The shape of the logo resembles the street sing. At least, it attracts attention of conscious drivers and pedestrians on a subconscious level.
  • The yellow background is one of the best ways to attract attention as well.
  • The proportions of the “A” letter and two dots were chosen according to the style of the most used and psychologically significant shapes.

Thus, from the technical point of view, A-style is effective logo… if you do not know about sex, of course☺.

Office of Government Commerce

The unpleasant thing happened with Office of Government Commerce of Great Britain: 14.000 pounds was spent on the creation of a new logo in 2008, but no one in the agency thought about what will happen if to turn it on the side.

Graphical representation has been applied to mouse pads even before the official presentation of the logo. However, it caused a burst of laughter among the company staff immediately noticed the blunder.

The Computer Doctors

I don’t say they make bad computers, but that mouse resembles a male sexual organ when he’s in the highest degree of pleasure. Of course, it’s just a mouse…but that tail!

As you can see, the logo design ambiguity can lead to the completely different perception from that was expected. However, they key point here is a sense of humor: if you’re going to joke, make sure your target audience has a sufficient sense of humor to appreciate your “aspirations”.

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