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The topic of homework evokes strong emotions in instructors, parents, and students. Teachers and professors feel that homework is important for practice and for developing a strong work ethic. But parents and students often complain that homework takes too much time away from hobbies, friendships, or even just getting enough sleep. Kids are so overwhelmed with homework that they usually need their parents to help them, and 43% of parents have admitted to doing their children’s homework for them.

As the work becomes more difficult in high school and college, parents are no longer able to help and students must turn to other sources. Many get help with homework online by working with a tutor. From that point, it’s a short step to students thinking: “Who can help with college homework?

If you are faced with this decision, here are some things to consider.

  • First, be aware that schools consider this practice plagiarism and that if you are caught paying for homework, there can be serious consequences. Depending on the situation, you may automatically fail the course, get kicked out, or even be stripped of your degree if the incident is discovered later.
  • Also some feel that doing your own homework builds prerequisite skills. This means that you may find yourself stuck when you are taking advanced courses because you have not learned the core concepts in the prerequisite courses.
  • If you hire someone on the Internet, you cannot always be certain that the work will be high quality. It’s easy for someone to say that he/she is a professional, but not everyone is. You might get in trouble…or just end up looking really dumb.
  • A college homework help service can be pricey, especially if you use it a lot. If you have that money to spend, you might want to save it for a fun trip on spring break or for an apartment after graduation.

But if you are willing to eat the potential consequences, there are some very good reasons why you might consider hiring a homework helper.

  • Despite what many declare to the contrary, no study has shown any academic benefit to assigning or completing homework. On the flip side, there has been research proving that high school students experience health problems, family fights, and alienation from society as a direct result of excessive homework.
  • It is now common practice in business to hire others to do a job that you don’t have time to do. Business owners contract out essays and blog writing to freelancers and ghostwriters all the time. Homework help for college students is really not that much different.
  • With the rising cost of tuition, most students have to work in order to reduce their debts and defray that cost. Often, a job combined with excessive coursework means you must sacrifice things like socializing and sleep, things which are crucial to physical and mental health.
  • While there are consequences, paying for homework is not illegal and you will not be convicted of a crime.

“But I just feel that it’s wrong,” you might say. “I don’t want someone to do my homework for money. I might get in trouble.”

Morality is highly subjective and really comes down to personal preference. If you feel very uncomfortable saying: “Please do my homework for me,” then you should not do it.

If you do decide to go this route, do some research about the person or company that you’re hiring. Look for signs that this person is reliable. Be aware of red flags such as errors, misspellings, and poor grammar on their website. Search for online reviews of the site. Do all you can to eliminate scams or poor-quality homework helpers.

At its heart, this dilemma really brings to light some deeper issues surrounding the American education system.

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Why is this happening?

1. Technology. Digital media and the Internet are now an integral part of our lives. It’s hard to find value in assignments that ask us to seek knowledge so basic that we could look it up on Google. If that’s all we’re doing, why not hire someone to do it for us?
2. Finances. Education in the US (which is supposed to be the “great equalizer”) is now prohibitively expensive. This forces parents and students to spread themselves too thin and not have enough time for the things that are important.
3. Old-fashioned methods. Most teachers and professors are not teaching any differently than they did 20 years ago, although the world has changed profoundly.
4. Lack of preparedness. Most high school graduates are unprepared for college or career because they are not learning real life skills.

Our parents and grandparents would throw their hands up in shock if they knew how common it is for students to rely on a college homework help service. But the fact is, the world has profoundly changed since previous generations went to college. Students today must cope with an array of challenges that their parents cannot even imagine.

Once you make it off the treadmill, perhaps you can help find some real solutions.

In the meantime, follow the dictates of your heart and your conscience.