Global Warming Essay. Hints and Tips

The Global Warming is a really burning question for today’s society. The article below gives you some vital tips on how to write an elaborate essay on this topic.

So, as we all know, essay writing is a must kind of scientific tasks for pupils and students. This task is verification and consolidation of theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in specific subjects, as well as the ability to use them in educational process. Essay is a result of analysis and synthesis of knowledge on a specific topic, as well as using own experimental data on an investigated problem.

The Global Warming essay performance is accompanied by the active exploration and studying of relevant information sources. It is recommended to start studying data with the most recent years publications, magazines and proven Internet resources. Make notes, copies, if necessary, and gradually you’ll accumulate the necessary working material.

The Global Warming essay composition

Traditionally, there was developed a certain compositional structure of qualified essay, which main components are the following:

Introduction. It is approximately 10 % of the total essay length, one or several paragraphs, depending on your essay length. Begin from general and finish with more specific. Use the following steps:

  • Introduce the topic. Start off with the basic definition on what the Global Warming is.
  • Provide the background information and explain why this problem is so important and widely debatable.
  • Then, limit the scope of discussion. Narrow the topic you want to highlight, from the general Global Warming to the climate changes modeling, its main causes. Or the Global Warming myths and realities, for instance. Explain why this topic is still needed discussion.
  • Present the plan coverage including your line of arguments, viewpoint, and conclusions. For example: if you narrow your issue to the climate change modeling, show what you are going to discuss in this particular problem: various models of changes in the atmosphere composition and its impact on the climate, over the last 10 years. Or explain that further you want to describe the energy exchange between the radiation-active turbulent atmosphere and heterogeneous land surface, ocean and cryosphere, and so on.

Note: you can set your own agenda to avoid overgeneralization or too broad a focus.

After introduction, the main content of your essay is followed – The Body. It consists of linked sections or paragraphs. Each paragraph should have one main point and topic sentence. Topic sentences carry theme, outline and argument.

Regardless of your narrow topic, indicate first, the main reasons of Global Warming. Use different informational sources to cover this aspect from different sides. Define the human factors such as: anthropogenic activities, atmospheric carbon dioxide emission due to the world industry and agriculture. (Demonstrate in graphs and diagrams, the increase of CO2 emissions, as the result of human activities since 1800 and 2007, in billions of tons…) Indicate the influence of natural sources as well.

Further, specify the predictable consequences of Global Warming for humanity. Specify and give characteristic to the most important of them: floods, hurricanes, drought, harsh winters, disease spread, changes in crop yield and forest zones shift.

Dedicate the following paragraphs to more detailed disclosure of your specific, narrow topic concerning Global Warming. You can choose one of the above proposed issues or consider, for example, the perspectives and ways to stabilize the environment. In fact, here is a large array of sub-themes to discuss.

In the «Conclusion section» all the previously discussed material and arguments must be integrally analyzed. Here you can also briefly describe holistic solution of the problem. Specify it in several paragraphs. Perhaps, mention wider implications future directions.

Finally, to summarized the all above

Besides the text part, your essay should include tabular, graphical, and other illustrative material that will cheer up the work, clearly demonstrate the seriousness of the problem and help for better data perception. As it has been mentioned earlier, you need to use data from different sources, for instance, the research results of the UN Commission are widely available on the Internet. Highlight the issue from all sides; show all pros and cons, as there are still those who argue that Global Warming doesn’t promise nothing terrible for us. Try to give an objective assessment of the problem.

And, who knows, maybe soon, you will give the answer for: what to do with the inevitable tendency of Global Warming?

7 Steps to Successful Global Warming Essay Writing

Step 1.

Choose your particular topic. Limit the scope of discussion and narrow the issue you will highlight.

For example:

  • Climate changes modeling and its main causes
  • Global Warming myths and realities
  • Carbon dioxide and Global Warming causes
  • The evidence of anthropogenic influence on climate
  • Etc.

Step 2.

Study the relevant information sources.

  • Recent years magazines publications, articles;
  • Proven Internet resources;
  • The UN Commission researches;
  • Etc.

Make notes, copies, if necessary, and gradually you’ll accumulate the necessary working material.

Step 3.


•Introduce the general topic. Start off with the basic definition of Global Warming;
•Provide the background information and the importance of issue;
•Present the plan coverage for your particular topic;

Step 4.

The Body.

  • Make linked sections or paragraphs with one main point and topic sentence for each;
  • Indicate the main reasons of Global Warming;
  • Define the human factors and indicate the influence of natural sources;
  • Specify the predictable consequences of Global Warming for humanity.

Step 5.

  • Disclose your specific, narrow topic concerning Global Warming in the text body;
  • Show its importance and why this problem requires further research and debates.

Step 6.

Choose interesting graphic material, schemes and diagrams for your essay.

It will cheer up your work and help for better data perception.

Step 7.


  • Summarize and analyze all the previously discussed materials and arguments.
  • Briefly describe holistic solution of the Global Warming problem.
  • Specify it in several paragraphs.
  • Mention wider implications future directions.

Good Luck!

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