Geography Essay

Geography is one of the most significant studies that explores various subjects from birth and poverty rates in different countries to global environmental issues. It is also one of the most exciting ones as it explains the nature of many phenomena we get familiar with in our daily lives. Besides, it’s vital to understand what animal and plant species are on the edge of extinction, how to prevent global climate changes and how to deal with scarce exhaustible resources. All these crucial things are in focus of Geography which makes it essential to study.

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  1. Human Geography is one of the most favorite topics among students as it studies people, their interaction peculiarities and lifestyle trends. It can be divided into following subfields:  
  • Economic Geography examines the distribution of goods and products between people, and a structure of industrial processes.
  • Recreation, Sport and Tourism Geography explores leisure-time activities and the way they influence the development of particular regions.
  • Political Geography focuses on countries and regions, their boundaries, political statuses, diplomacy, international interaction, etc.
  • Population Geography investigates demographic processes such as birth and death rates, migration, unemployment, poverty, etc.
  • There are also other subfields, for example, Medical Geography, Geography of Religions, Military, Agricultural and Urban Geographies.

2. Physical Geography is another branch, which examines natural features on earth or near to it. It also consists of some integral subfields:

  • Water resources explore the distribution and the use of water on our planet, hydrological cycle and human-developed systems for water usage and storage.
  • Biogeography studies different species of animals and plants on earth, their peculiarities and characteristics.
  • Hazards Geography examines unusual natural and technological events, their relation to human activities and other reasons for it.
  • There are also Mountain, Climate and Marine Geographies.

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