Best Job Hunting Tips for Teachers

Thousands of teachers graduate from colleges and universities every year. Fresh graduates are always excited about starting their dream career and hoping to get the best jobs in the market. Seasoned teachers, on the other hand, look for opportunities to earn more and gain additional skills. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job or an experienced teacher looking for a better opportunity, the following tips will help get your dream job.

1. Build and organize your professional profile

Your primary goal should be developing a professional profile that stands out in a crowded job market. In addition to your training in college, look for learning opportunities to improve your set of skills and knowledge. Identify the areas in high demand and train in those areas. Remember to get all your transcripts, certificates, and recommendations.

Your portfolio speaks much about your organizational skills as a teacher. Place all your documents in a neat folder and prepare a concise resume with your best skills on the first page. Principals receive many applications every week and have little time to read through them. Your resume should sell you as the best candidate at a glance.

2.Build relationships

Many people get jobs through relationships. Attend educational forums in your district or in the districts where you want to work. Educators, school principals, and administrators in such forums are great links to the best jobs in town. Do not shy away from using any chance you get to mention that you are looking for a job.

Utilize the relationships you built in college with your tutors. Most college essay tutors are connected to principals and administrators. A recommendation from your tutor may help you get a job faster. Your tutors can also guide on the places to apply and in preparing your portfolio.

3.Be open to substitute teaching and part-time contracts

You may have to follow a longer route to get your dream job. The secret is to get into the field and then build your career from there. With so many graduates looking for the same job you are dreaming about, consider getting into the system through part-time contracts and substitute.
You will earn little from substitute teaching and part-time jobs but you can use the opportunity to build relationships. Many principals consider substitutes first when new opportunities emerge in their schools. Besides, you will gain experience and improve your profile with such jobs.

4. Prepare for interviews

Many teachers send applications to every district they can think of but fail to prepare for interviews. Your performance in interviews largely depends on your preparation. Prepare even before you get any phone calls because eventually, you will have to through one to get your first job. Here are some tips on how to prepare for interviews:

  • Be Confident: You must be persuaded that you have the required skills, knowledge, and capacity to fill the position you applied for. Your body language shows your level of confidence. Learn to sit and walk upright, maintain eye contact, and smile occasionally.
  • Background research: Get as much information as you can about the institution you wish to join before the interview. Research on the position you applied for including the required skills and abilities. You can easily find such information online.
  • Dress up: Dress in a way that boosts your confidence and sells you as a professional educator. Consider add new pieces to your wardrobe in preparation for upcoming interviews.
  • Common interview questions: Employers ask similar questions during interviews. Rehearse your answers to such questions and watch your tone and body language as you answer them. Ask a friend or family member to rehearse with you and give feedback on your performance.


5.Search everywhere

Looking for a job can be overwhelming, especially after sending so many applications without any positive feedback. Do not give up if no job is forthcoming in your district. Search for jobs in other districts as well. Search online for the districts that are hiring and send your application.

Be flexible enough to move and work in other areas to gain experience. Utilize the internet and your social networks effectively. Your current connections may lead you to your dream job.

The high demand for good teaching jobs makes it hard for teachers especially those without experience to get their dream jobs. The tips outlined above will help you get started on your journey to landing your first job. Remember to maintain a positive attitude and have confidence in your teaching abilities.

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